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  • Comfortably stretch your foreskin
  • See results faster than any other device
  • Be able to expose your glans completely
  • Never be embarrassed again
  • Can be used in the privacy of your home
  • No more foul smells or odors
  • Prevent foreskin infections
  • No circumcision or surgery needed
  • Recommended by Urologists

The only device that stretches your foreskin with

Multi-dimensional prongs for5X faster results.

Phimosis(tight foreskin) is a fairly common problem that affects about 15 million men.

Unfortunately, most men, being born with the condition never realize that there are safe & effective solutions to reversing phimosis at home.

The GlansPro stretcher is a one of a kind device that has been used by urologists to conservatively treat phimosis and help patients stretch their foreskin painlessly. This is the tool Urologists turn to when a patient refuses circumcision.


Fortunately, you don't need a urologist to use the GlansPro stretcher anymore.

We are introducing a consumer friendly version that let's you achieve the same results without a doctor.

Try it risk free and see the difference it makes in your ability to pull your foreskin back within days.

About Phimosis (Tight Foreskin)

In simplest terms, phimosis is a condition where men become unable to completely retract their foreskin over the entire head of the penis. In other words, the opening of the foreskin is too narrow to allow the glans (head of the penis) to pass through.

However, to a phimosis sufferer, this condition has a much deeper effect on their life than a simple anatomical abnormality. For many, phimosis becomes a constant source of embarrassment in intimate settings. The inability to fully expose the glans can make the sufferer conscious of the way their penis looks and can also come in the way of fully enjoying intercourse.

Many people who successfully treat their phimosis report enjoying sex completely anew, with much richer sensations and better orgasms. The increased pleasure also boosts their confidence and their ability to satisfy their partners without being self conscious.

However, the real drawback of suffering from phimosis isn't just its effects on one's sexual life. New studies have shown that phimosis sufferers are 10 times more likely to also suffer from foreskin infections and it can even be a cofactor in causing premature impotence and STDs in men.

A tight foreskin can also come in the way of hygiene. Phimotic skin often traps bacteria and penile secretions in the inner folds of the foreskin. This often leads to foul and unpleasant odors.

While most phimosis sufferers learn to live with their condition, this is one instance where ignoring the problem can do more harm than good. Phimosis sufferers are in the unique position of improving their penile appearance and sexual life dramatically as compared to others.

Urological advances have now made it possible to stretch the foreskin at home using a stretching device like the GlansPro. It is now possible to completely and conservatively reverse phimosis without a doctor's visit.

If you are a phimosis sufferer, it is important to know that you are not only holding back your sexual potential but also putting your health at risk. The GlansPro stretcher can help you avoid these potential issues and overcome your problem quickly & painlessly.


Circumcision Risks

Is Circumcision Worth It?

The most common advice given to phimosis sufferers during doctor visits is that the best way to treat a tight foreskin is to undergo circumcision.

This is simply not true!

Several studies have shown that phimosis can be conservatively treated without a circumsision.

Here are just a few reasons why preserving your foreskin is the best thing you can do for your phimosis:

  • 1

    The foreskin has many vital functions

    Unlike popular belief, the foreskin is not useless. It has the important function of keeping the glans (head of the penis) moist, which protects its delicate surface and prevents abrasions or chafing during intercourse. New research has also revealed that the foreskin plays a role in stimulating the G-spot in female partners. Researchers have even found that the presence of the foreskin can prevent vaginal dryness during sex (a common occurrence in women across all ages).

  • 2

    Circumcision reduces sexual pleasure

    Did you know that adult circumcision removes approximately 4-5 inches of foreskin that is used to cover an erect penis? This portion of the foreskin contains specialized sensory receptors called tactile corpuscles. These receptors are responsible for light touch sensations and play a key role in achieving rich orgasms. By removing this crucial part of your penile anatomy, you greatly impair your ability to enjoy intense sexual sensations.

  • 3

    Most post-circumcision patients don't recommend it

    Researchers have found that up to 1 out of 3 men that undergo circumcision are dissatisfied with their results. More than half of those patients report that the procedure actually "made things worse". Reduced sensitivity and poor cosmetic results are among the most common reasons circumcised patients don't recommend surgery to fix phimosis.

  • 4

    There are many risks involved with circumcision

    Before you decide to get circumcised, it's important to know the risks involved with the surgery. If you include non-major surgical issues, the overall complication rate of circumcision procedures is above 30%. That's 1 out of every 3 cases. Some of these complications can include excess bleeding, infections, removal of an excessive amount of foreskin and partial amputation of the penis. These complications also don't include the risks involved in receiving anesthesia.

  • 5

    The cost of circumcision can be high

    Circumcision is not covered by health insurance as it is often not considered a medically necessary procedure. In most cases the patient has to pay for the full cost of the surgery out of their pocket. Circumcision with general anesthesia costs between $2000 to $3000. If local anesthesia is used this cost can be slightly lower.

  • 6

    The stretching method is proven to work

    Studies have shown that most cases of phimosis can be resolved without any surgical intervention. Phimotic skin follows the same biological rules as the skin over the rest of our body. It responds to repeated stretching by growing over time. This method is not only cost effective but also preserves the specialized sensory receptors of the foreskin. The biggest benefit of using the stretching method is that it is a reliable way of achieving optimal cosmetic results.

    The GlansPro Stretcher is one such device that has shown to reverse phimosis by gradually loosening the tight phimotic band until it is wide enough to let the glans through. In fact, it has been successfully used by thousands of phimosis sufferers to permanently cure their tight foreskin without the unnecessary risks or costs of circumcision.

What makes the GlansPro stretcher
better than other devices

There are three major kinds of devices available on the market that can help you stretch your foreskin:

  1. Metallic Foreskin Stretchers
  2. Balloon Foreskin Stretchers
  3. Silicone Rings

All 3 types of these devices have their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to know the pros and cons of each device before making your purchase because choosing the wrong tool can not only be a waste of your money but can also be harmful to your foreskin.

GlansPro Vs Metallic Foreskin Stretchers

One of the most popular devices used by phimosis sufferers is a simple metal instrument that resembles a forecep. The device requires the patient to insert the tips into the foreskin opening and stretch the foreskin by squeezing the hand grips.

Let's take a look at the two main drawbacks of common metallic stretchers and see how the GlansPro stretcher resolves these issues:

Common Metallic Stretchers

They exert excessive forces on the inside of your foreskin

Your foreskin is an extremely thin piece of tissue that is only about a millimeter thick. It is much more fragile compared to normal skin and is very easily injured.

While applying opposing forces on the inside of your foreskin can help stretch it, careful attention has to be paid to ensure that the skin does not lose its structural integrity and tear.

In fact, many phimosis patients haven reported tearing of the foreskin from excessive pressures of traditional metallic stretchers.

While balloon device manufacturers may have you believe that these tears are the result of the device being made out of steel, the truth is that foreskin tears happen because traditional tools distribute all their pressure over just 2 contact points on your foreskin (because they only have 2 insertion tips.)

Provides a gentler, more effective stretch by evenly distributing the pressure

The GlansPro stretcher overcomes this problem by including 3 expansion tips to distribute the pressure evenly over all 3 contact points. While this may seem like a small change it actually drastically reduces the pressure on any one individual contact point while maintaining the overall pressure necessary to help the foreskin grow.

The prongs are also designed with an ultra-smooth and elongated contact surface to ensure that your foreskin is able to expand comfortably without compromising its fragile structure. This means you can safely stretch your foreskin without feeling any discomfort or risking a tear.

Also, the GlansPro stretcher expands your foreskin in a circular plane. In other words, it expands both in the left-right direction and the up-down direction. This is a more effective way to stimulate growth of tubular tissues such as your foreskin than traditional tools that simply expand in the left-right direction.

Common Metallic Stretchers

It is difficult to control the amount of force you need to stretch your foreskin with traditional tools

One of the difficulties rarely shared by manufacturers of metallic stretchers is that patients have a hard time keeping the pressure steady when stretching their foreskin. When it comes to stimulating your foreskin cells to multiply and grow there is an ideal zone where the pressure is just right. Squeeze the device too hard and you risk injuring your foreskin, hold it too lightly and your foreskin simply doesn't grow.

The reason why maintaining this ideal pressure is so hard is because traditional metallic stretchers have filaments on the inner facing sides that give them tension so that the grips automatically shut when you let go. Unfortunately, these filaments exert so much force that the user has to squeeze the handgrips very tightly and yet somehow manage to not go overboard – a difficult task for anyone.

Advanced grip design allows you to maintain a perfect stretch optimal for foreskin growth

The GlansPro stretcher utilizes wrap-around grips that give you finer control over how much pressure is applied on the inside of your foreskin.

Unlike traditional stretchers, the GlansPro device does not have a strong tendency to snap shut and pinch the sensitive glans tissue. This means you can easily maintain an ideal stretch and ease back without risking injury.

Think of it like scissors. The wrap around design for the grips makes it easier to have perfect control over the blades. The GlansPro stretcher works in a similar way, giving you perfect control over the prongs that stretch your foreskin.

Traditional stretchers with pliers-like grips only give you one-way control which can be inefficient and dangerous. The physics of stretching your foreskin is no different. By giving you better manual control over your stretches, the GlansPro device helps expand your foreskin in a faster, safer and more comfortable way.

GlansPro Vs Balloon Foreskin Stretchers

Another type of foreskin stretching device on the market today is the balloon stretcher. These devices require the patient to insert a deflated latex balloon into the foreskin opening and inflate it using a standard syringe plunger.

Let's take a closer look at why balloon stretchers are not only ineffective at treating phimosis but can even be dangerous for your penile tissue:

When manufacturers of these devices claim that they have been clinical proven to work, they are refering to a single clinical study done at the Changzheng hospital in Shanghai.

Here are the details of the study that balloon device manufacturers fail to mention:

  • The study was done on prepubescent boys that were between 5 months to 12 years of age
  • The ballooning procedure was performed by a doctor and not done at home
  • The procedure involved pressures so high that they required the use of local anesthesia
  • The researchers concluded that "the optimum age for balloon dilation is 2-4 years"
  • The effectiveness of balloon foreskin stretchers sold for home use has not been established by any clinical study

However, the biggest problem with home based ballooning devices isn't just their lack of clinical evidence, it's their lack of sufficient pressure and their unhygienic materials choice.

Let's take a closer look at these two big disadvantages of balloon stretchers:

Balloons don't provide sufficient pressure

One common claim that balloon device manufacturers often tout about their product is that the latex balloons they use provide for a very comfortable foreskin stretch. Indeed latex is soft and flexible enough to expand easily when filled with air. In fact, it is so flexible that it readily changes its shape to conform to the contours of your glans and the phimotic band (the narrowest part of your foreskin).

While this may seem like a good thing, it is actually the exact
opposite of what you want when treating your phimosis.

Remember, if you want your tight foreskin to loosen, you have to apply enough pressure on the phimotic band to trigger an adaptive response that results in real tissue growth. No matter how comfortable of a foreskin stretch latex balloons provide, they are useless as a phimosis treatment method if they simply fail to initiate a physiological response in the foreskin.

Any material that readily changes its shape is a poor choice for foreskin expansion because it will simply give way and expand in another direction when it encounters resistance. In other words, while the flexibility of the latex balloon allows it to be easily inflated inside your foreskin, the moment the balloon surface comes across resistance from your tight phimotic band, it will simply balloon-out of the foreskin opening where there is less resistance.

So rather than exert an opposing force onto the phimotic band and stimulate it to grow, these balloons simply pouch outwards. Exerting any more air pressure into the balloon does not translate into more pressure on the phimotic band - it translates into a greater out-pouching of the balloon.

In fact one of the most common complaints by balloon device users is that despite months of persistent dilations, their foreskin simply does not respond by growing. Balloon device manufacturers have now responded to these complaints by suggesting that you buy bigger syringes from them at an additional cost. The logic here is that bigger syringes should allow you to pump more air into the balloons and get a better stretch. However forcing more air into the balloon either makes it pouch-out even further or causes the balloon to outright burst. This is why ballooning device manufacturers also sell balloon refills for an extra cost.

The truth is, the ballooning devices sold in the market today are not designed to exert enough PSI (pressure) to stimulate the foreskin to grow.

The proof for this is that the very researchers whose work current ballooning devices are based on themselves concluded that the optimum age for balloon dilation is around 2-4 years.That's because the foreskin becomes thicker as we age and balloon dilation no longer remains a viable treatment option. Once we enter our teens or adulthood, the foreskin simply needs more stimulus in the form of higher pressure to grow. This is why most urologists still prefer metallic foreskin stretchers over ballooning devices for anyone over the age of 6.

Latex is a poor material choice for foreskin stretching

Balloon device manufacturers claim that latex's softness makes the foreskin expansion process more comfortable. However, the truth is latex poses major hygiene issues when it is exposed to the glans and the inner foreskin.

Remember, the glans and inner foreskin are similar to the mucosal tissues found inside our body. These tissues have limited defenses against bacterial infections because, unlike normal skin, they lack a tough epidermal layer to protect themselves. Latex is a poor choice for foreskin expansion because there is simply no way to sterilize it after its first use. In other words, health products made from latex are meant to be disposed of after a single use. Every time you reuse a latex balloon you reintroduce bacteria and other harmful germs to your glans.

Balloon manufacturers ignore this fact and suggest that you simply keep reusing the balloons. This can put you at an increased risk of penile infections. Keep in mind, latex cannot be simply sterilized by washing and alcohol causes it to breakdown. It is meant to be used for single episodes and then disposed (like latex gloves).

Even if you managed to buy enough latex balloons to stretch your foreskin multiple times a day for weeks, balloon device manufacturers never disclose the sterilization process of their latex, meaning that they may be arriving non-sterilized at your doorstep to begin with.

While the lack of sufficient pressure makes balloon stretchers an ineffective treatment option for phimosis, it is the unhygienic nature of latex that makes these devices truly unsafe because they increase your risk of developing penile infections.

Let's take a look at how GlansPro solves both these major issues and helps you safely cure your phimosis...

The GlansPro Solution

Use as much or as little pressure as necessary to stimulate foreskin growth

The Urologists and biomedical engineers that helped design GlansPro understood that when it comes to stimulating natural foreskin growth, providing enough pressure is key. Simply said, if you want your foreskin to open wide enough to be able to slide past an erect glans, you need to stimulate it with enough pressure.

But isn't GlansPro more likely to tear my foreskin because it is made of steel?
Let's dispel this myth once and for all...

A recent myth that has been propagated by balloon device manufacturers is that metallic stretchers are inherently dangerous because they are made of stainless steel. This logic is not based on sound science and is meant to mislead the sufferer. Injuries from stretching have nothing to do with the material used and is completely dependent on the pressure exerted.

In other words, just because something is made of metal doesn't mean it is damaging. Think about it, when was the last time you cut yourself with a spoon? Even the softest material has the capacity to tear your foreskin if it exerts enough pressure.

GlansPro puts you in complete control of the pressure you apply on the phimotic band to stimulate it to grow. Unlike balloon devices that have very low upper limits to the pressures they can exert, GlansPro allows you to apply as much or as little pressure as you want to get your foreskin to respond. This is especially helpful in cases where the foreskin might be too tight, too thick or have scar fibers and you need to apply slightly more pressure.

And what about the claim by balloon device manufacturer's that stainless steel isn't an ideal material choice for foreskin expansion…

GlansPro also distributes this pressure evenly across 3 contact surfaces, allowing your expansion to be both safe and comfortable.

Why stainless steel is the best choice for foreskin stretching

Stainless steel is the gold standard for medical devices, especially those that come into contact with mucosal surfaces. There are many reasons for this:

  • It is highly hygienic - Unlike latex, it is extremely easy to sterilize stainless steel. All GlansPro devices come pre-sterilized by autoclave process. You can also reuse stainless steel devices without worrying about infections. Simply use alcohol prep pads to cleanse GlansPro's prongs and you can be assured that you are not introducing new germs to your penile tissue.
  • It does not give way to resistance - Since stainless steel is a rigid substance, the amount of pressure you exert on the hand grips is exactly the amount of pressure that the phimotic ring will experience. This ability to provide focused pressure exactly where it is needed to stimulate the foreskin to grow is what cures phimosis.
  • It has a very low failure rate - Unlike balloons that can burst, stainless steel devices are extremely reliable and don't put your penile tissue at risk from device failure. GlansPro uses high quality surgical grade stainless steel which is precision tooled and each piece is thoroughly inspected before shipping out. Our devices are made to last not because you'll need them for years but because when you are working in the delicate environment of the penile tissue, you want to be absolutely sure the device you are working with will not fail at a crucial moment and further worsen your problem.


While common metallic stretchers provide enough pressure,
they distribute this pressure poorly.

AND While balloon stretchers distribute their pressure perfectly,
they simply don't provide enough pressure to trigger any foreskin growth.

The perfect stretcher should allow you to not just exert sufficient pressure on your phimotic foreskin (like a metallic stretcher) but also distribute this pressure in a circular plane (like a balloon stretcher).

That's exactly what the GlansPro does!

It gives you the best of both worlds.

The GlansPro stretcher gives you enough pressure like a metallic stretcher
while giving you the multi-dimensional expansion of a balloon.

GlanPro Vs Silicone Rings

Another method used by some to stretch a tight foreskin involves using tube-like rings made of silicone. This method involves inserting a silicone ring into the opening of the foreskin and replacing them with progressively higher sized rings over the course of weeks and months.

While this method has advantages over balloon devices, there are still major risks to using silicone rings for treating phimosis.

Silicone rings cut off blood flow within the foreskin

The silicone ring stretching method is based on the same approach many people use to expand the size of their ear piercings. Silicone rings indeed help gradually widen the opening of ear piercings over time however the same is not true for the foreskin.

Unlike our earlobes, the foreskin is an extremely thin piece of tissue with a dense network of nerves and blood vessels.

Now consider this....

The only reason silicone rings are able to expand the size of ear piercings is because they are worn 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, the moment you insert a silicone ring into the opening of your foreskin, the blood flow within the foreskin gets interrupted.

The lack of blood flow for any more than a few minutes can result in permanent nerve damage and penile tissue injury. This is often seen when phimosis sufferers using silicone rings complain of burning sensations in their foreskin. This burning sensation is the result of neuropathy - nerve cell damage. As the nerve cells begin to die from the lack of blood flow, they send pain signals to the brain which is perceived as a burning sensation.

The GlansPro Solution

Remember, the best way to treat a tight foreskin is to apply short periods of acute pressure. In other words, stretch the foreskin with enough pressure so that the stretch feels fairly tight but painless. Hold this stretch for 10 minutes and then stop. Repeated stretching like this will stimulate the foreskin to respond by adding more skin cells around the circumference of the phimotic band and grow.

GlansPro is the only device perfectly suited to do this. It allows you to apply just enough pressure in short intervals so that you can stimulate the foreskin to grow without choking its blood supply for prolong periods.

The size jumps are too big and can lead to tears

Silicone rings often come in sizes known as gauges. These gauge sizes often go up by 1-2mm. Though that may seem like small increments, they are massive jumps in size. Remember, if your stretching is done properly, your foreskin should grow at a fraction of a millimeter each day.

The problem with silicone rings arises when your foreskin has grown slightly larger than the ring's diameter yet is smaller than the next size. Sticking with the existing size doesn't stimulate your foreskin to grow any further and jumping up to the next size can put you at a risk of tearing your foreskin.

The GlansPro Solution

GlansPro puts you in complete control of your stretches. With manual stretching methods you intuitively stretch just hard enough to feel tightness but not pain and apply the perfect amount of pressure each time regardless of how wide your foreskin has gotten. This fine control allows you to continue the foreskin growth process without being limited by pre-selected ring sizes that are either too small or often too big for your particular foreskin opening.

How GlansPro stretches your foreskin

Whether you are looking to normalize the appearance of your foreskin or improve your self confidence in intimate settings, GlansPro can permanently resolve your tight foreskin faster than any other device on the market.

GlansPro is the only consumer friendly phimosis device on the market today that combines the functionality of metallic and balloon foreskin stretchers into a single handheld tool:

And using GlansPro is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

  • 1


    Simply insert the tips of the tool into the opening of your foreskin.

  • 2

    Stretch and hold

    Slowly squeeze the hand grips and allow the foreskin to expand to its maximum, painless capacity. The foreskin

  • 3


    After 15 minutes slowly release the hand grips, allowing the foreskin to rest and its blood flow to resume.

And that's it! Your body will do the rest. You will start noticing that your foreskin begins to expose more of your glans each day. Simply continue to stretch the foreskin until it can accomodate a fully erect glans comfortably.

The intelligent design behind GlansPro makes stretching your foreskin as simple and painless as possible.

Successful GlansPro Cases

To be compliant with google's policies, as a non-adult website, we have not featured any before/after images on this website. However, if you would like to see before/after proof of GlansPro's effectiveness visit Glans Pro.

The GlansPro stretcher is the most effective phimosis relieving device on the market. But don't take our word for it. Here are some of the regular testimonials we receive from our customers...

  • I'm a 24 year old male who has been suffering with severe phimosis for a long time. I had always been very conscious about my phimosis throughout my teen years. It often came in the way of being comfortable with my girlfriend. The worst part was not being able to tell her about my problem. I would never take my clothes off in front of her or make love with the lights on. I knew this problem would only get worse with time and I was running out of excuses. That's when I found the glanspro stretcher in mid may of this year and started using it. Within the first week I started seeing positive results. In 2 short weeks I was retracting my skin further than I ever could and shortly after, I was able to retract it all the way. I can't believe that I've waited this long to treat something that could have been cured so easily. I highly recommend the glanspro stretcher because it is easy to use and it works.Kevin M. Richmond VA
  • Unlike most people, my phimosis needed surgical treatment. At least that's what my doctor said. I had severe ballooning in my foreskin during urination and had a urinary tract infection at least once every 3 months. Sex was extremely painful and every time I had an orgasm I wouldn't be able to completely clean under my foreskin. My doctor had convinced me that circumcision was the way to go. It wasn't till I did some research of my own did I find out that having your foreskin removed simply exchanges one problem for another. While I could pee without discomfort, my sexual experience would suffer. So before jumping to the drastic decision of slicing off my foreskin, I decided to try manual stretching using the GlansPro device. Within a few days I could see my rigged band expanding. After consistent and diligent use, I not only resolved my urinary infection problem but also completely treated my phimosis. I can now pull back my foreskin all the way to the base of my glans. The GlansPro stretcher is worth it's weight in gold! If you're looking to treat your phimosis in the privacy of your home, you simply can't go wrong with the GlansPro stretcher.David A. Glandale AZ
  • I've always been conscious of my phimosis. Whenever the issue of oral sex was brought up I would make excuses with my girlfriend. Eventually she began to suspect something was wrong with me and brought it up. It was then that I knew I had to treat my phimosis one way or another. I can't thank the GlansPro team enough for designing such an amazing tool. I was able to stretch my foreskin enough to pull back my foreskin and expose my glans completely. I can't describe the freedom I have gained from simply not being conscious in bed and the sensations I feel now are so much stronger. Overcoming phimosis is the best thing you can do to improve your self esteem and sex life quickly.Barry W. Anaheim CA
  • There's a lot of misinformation online when it comes to phimosis. Much of the stuff I read had lead me to believe that phimosis is only reversible in children and adults usually need surgical interventions. This is not true because many studies have shown that adult phimosis can be cured by manual stretching. I'm a perfect example of someone who had phimosis for decades and was able to reverse it by simply using the glanspro stretcher twice a day. I saw my skin progressively expand from using glanspro and can attest to its effectiveness first hand. It works!Samuel I Greensburg IN
  • Save your money and buy the GlansPro stretcher. I have tried everything from manual stretching to ballooning devices. Nothing helped loosen my foreskin like the GlansPro stretcher. I loved how it fit so well inside the foreskin and how I could just control the amount of stretch i needed. I used to sit in a warm bath and stretch my foreskin underwater – it made the process of stretching my foreskin fast and easy. I give them 5 stars for developing a tool that's effective and simple to use.Steve D. North Port FL

If you are a GlansPro customer and would like to share your success with other phimosis sufferers, please send in your story to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How well does it work?

    The GlansPro stretcher is one of the few devices that is used by practicing Urologists to relieve phimosis conservatively. It has a 98% success rate and from the feedback we get from our customers, the GlansPro stretcher works extremely well and provides visible results within a few days.

    In case if you are wondering, the other 2% are often patients with secondary phimosis related issues where stretching is not recommended, such as foreskin infections or severe inflammation from previous injury.

  • How do I use it?

    When the GlansPro stretcher arrives in your mail, simply wash it with warm water and wipe it down with the alcohol pads that are provided. Then hold your foreskin with one hand and gently insert the tip of the prongs into the opening of your foreskin. Then slowly squeeze the handgrips to expand the foreskin to a maximum stretch while still being comfortable. Your foreskin should feel tight, but not hurt. Maintain the stretch for 5-15 minutes. Once you are done stretching your foreskin, slowly release the handgrips, returning the tool to its closed position.

  • My glans is sensitive. Will your device cause me any discomfort?

    When used properly, GlansPro’s prongs should not come into contact with your glans. We ask that you simply pull the foreskin away from the glans with one hand and insert the tips of the prongs into the foreskin opening with the other. You don’t need to insert the prongs too deep – just enough to go slightly past the narrowest part of the foreskin. Once you open the prongs, you no longer need to hold the foreskin with the other hand as the device will hold the foreskin in place during the stretch. GlansPro’s prongs have an ultra-smooth surface that makes the entire stretching process completely painless.

  • How often should I use it?

    We recommend using GlansPro twice a day, for up to 15 minutes at a time. The best time to use it is after a warm shower or bath since a moist foreskin is more lax and can stretch easier.

  • How soon will it arrive?

    For a limited time, the GlansPro stretcher is shipped using Overnight Delivery Available and arrives within 24 hours of placing the order.
    If your order is received after 5 p.m. EST, we will ship your package the next business day by overnight mail. International orders are shipped express and usually arrive within 3-4 days.

  • What will the package look like?

    At GlansPro, we really value your privacy.

    All orders are shipped in a plain white box with nothing but your address on top. The return address simply mentions our company as “Precision Tools”. The box is thin enough to fit in through mail slots in doors and small mail boxes.

  • How soon will I see results?

    You should start seeing results within the first 48 hours of using our device. As your foreskin grows, you will notice that you are able to expose more of your glans each day. Continue to use the device until the foreskin is wide enough to accommodate an erect glans.

  • Are the results permanent?

    Unlike phimosis creams that simply loosen your foreskin temporarily, the GlansPro device actually helps your foreskin grow by adding new cells within the phimotic band. The results you achieve from using GlansPro are yours to enjoy permanently.

About us

GlansPro is a consortium of Urologists and biomedical engineers that was formed in 1992 to develop a non-surgical solution for phimosis.

While our first medical instrument was launched more than 20 years ago (GlansPro DM), one of the most common concerns phimosis patients brought up was that their reluctance in discussing their condition with their physicians. Simply put, many felt either too shy or embarrassed to go see someone about it.

While many companies involve the expertise of doctors and even biomedical engineers in coming up with unique solutions to treating phimosis, they often leave out a critical element – the phimosis sufferer.

As part of developing the first effective home based solution for phimosis, we understood the issues that most phimosis sufferers face regularly.

We call it the GlansPro Solution

The GlansPro solution has one simple goal - resolve all the issues that phimosis sufferers face when attempting to treat their problem. Whether it is the difficulty of using a stretching device or the fear of compromising your privacy or simply being shy about discussing your condition, the GlansPro solution is meant to help you fix your problem in the easiest way possible.

This is why GlansPro is the only device that been developed with the input of thousands of phimosis sufferers all over the world.

The GlansPro solution constantly drives us to think beyond just functionality and develop solutions that are easy to use and proven to work.

As you can see below, we have even paid meticulous attention to maintaining your privacy throughout the ordering and delivery process.

Most important of all, ever since we launched our product, we never stopped improving it. As of today, GlansPro has undergone well over 70 design enhancements and the results speak for themselves - GlansPro has well over a 95% success rate.

Combine this with the fact that we have never had a single BBB complaint and the fact that we back our product with a 365 day money back guarantee, GlansPro will be the last product you will ever buy to cure your phimosis.

Our Guarantee - Complete Phimosis Reversal

GlansPro is so effective at reversing phimosis that we back it with the best money back guarantee you will find for any phimosis related product.

Simply give GlansPro a try at our risk. We guarantee that you will see a complete reversal of your tight foreskin or we will refund your money back. No questions asked.

Our Privacy Policy

To help you make your GlansPro purchase with confidence, we would like to share our one of a kind privacy policy with you. At GlansPro, everything from the order process to our shipping method is designed to protect your privacy.
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    Your credit card statement won't mention GlansPro

    You'll be glad to know that your GlansPro purchase will not be described by name on your credit card statement. Our merchant descriptor simply mentions GlansPro purchases as "Precision Tools". This is done so that even if your statement is read by someone, they will not link your purchase to a phimosis product.

  • 2

    The outside of the package won't mention GlansPro

    All GlansPro shipments are mailed in plain, unmarked packages. No one will ever know what the package contains or what its contents are since the return address simply mentions our fulfillment center (The Distribution Outlet).

  • 3

    Nothing inside the package mentions GlansPro

    This way, even if the package is opened by someone, they will not know the device's purpose. Yes, we go to the extent of ensuring that even the receipt included in your package does not explicitly mention GlansPro. We understand that not always can you be there to receive your mail in person. So we have packaged our product in a way that maintains your privacy even if it is intercepted by an unauthorized person. The receipt will describe the product as a "Precision Tool" and the company name will be described as "The Distribution Outlet". The device itself also won't have any markings of our trade name on it either.

  • 4

    Your personal information is always kept private

    From the moment you click the order button on our website, your personal information is encrypted using a 256 Bit SSL security protocol. This ensures that any information you give us is protected starting from your end. From that point on, your information remains secure throughout the entire order processing and package shipping process. We never store your credit card information and never share or sell your contact information with any third party.

  • 5

    We will never send you any marketing materials

    We have a very strict policy pertaining to contacting our customers. We simply never contact you by mail, phone or fax. The only time you will receive any communication from us is when we email you your order details or you specifically ask us to contact you (for ex. returning your voicemail).

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